SMK Holsters



Superb holsters manufactured to the highest standards. All straps on the shoulder holsters are adjustable and each holster also having a belt clip being able to hold most pistols. Nylon holsters are manufactured in a material similar to that used in many police force firearms holsters. All leather models have double stitching to enhance strength and durability. All holsters shown have a quick release snap button for fast draw action.

A: Nylon shoulder rig

BB speedloader pouch

Code: AOHOLSTA                                19.95                    Buy Now   


B: Nylon waist holster

Code: AOHOLSTB                                7.99                       Buy Now


C: Nylon shoulder holster

Code: AOHOLSTC                                19.95                    Buy Now


D: Leather shoulder holster

CODE: AOHOLSTD                               19.95                     Buy Now


E: Leather waist holder

CODE: AOHOLSTE                                16.95                     Buy Now


F: Heavy duty webbed utility belt

CODE: AOHOLSTF                                7.95                       Buy Now


G: Nylon leg holster rig

CODE: AOHOLSTG                                15.95                    Buy Now






You must be aged 18 or over to order any air rifle or air pistol, you may be asked to confirm age and proof of identity.


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