Safety First



Whatever level of interest you have in our sport or whether you enjoy Target shooting or just plinking, Airguns Online encourages the safe and responsible use of airguns. The following check list will help you maintain a safe conduct whilst enjoying airgun shooting at all times


1.                  Never point the airgun at any person.

2.                  Never leave a loaded gun.

3.                  Never disassemble or tamper with your airgun. Leave this to the experts.

4.                  Never reuse a pellet or BB.

5.                  Always aim & shoot in a safe direction, away from people, buildings etc.

6.                  Always keep the safety catch ‘ON’ until you are ready to shoot.

7.                  Always keep your finger away from the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

8.                  Check the backstop absorbs the pellet.

9.                  Check the backstop for wear.

10.              Wear safety glasses for target shooting especially at close range.

11.              When storing your airgun, check it is unloaded and the safety is ‘ON’.



You must be aged 18 or over to order any air rifle or air pistol, you may be asked to confirm age and proof of identity


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