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Designed for instant target acquisition, these superbly accurate sights allow for fast shoulder mounting. Having solid robust construction, these are suitable for both air pistols and rifles. Experienced shooters use both red dot and traditional telescopic sights, depending on the quarry and conditions. Ideal for instant sighting on Rats and other vermin, particularly in low-light conditions. A huge range to suit all purposes and requirements.




A - Red Dot & Laser built in

     Separate on/off switches                                      

     Metal mounts                                                       DISCONTINUED


B - Two intensities red dot

     Built in Laser

     Separate on/off switch                                        

     Metal tube & mounts                                            DISCONTINUED


C - Variable brightness red dot

     Alloy 1" tube

     Red coated lens

     Wide angle viewing

     Requires Mounts         (mounts)                            DISCONTINUED


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1 X 32 Red Dot Sight      C

Red Dot Two Intensities & Laser sight     B

Red Dot & Laser Sight     A









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