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Abbey LT2 Gun Grease:

Maximises power from airgun springs

Ensures smooth, fast action

Improves performance & reliability

Reduces maintenance & wear

Use on Springs, Trigger mounting & release mechanisms,

loading bolts, firing pin & and all moving parts where excellent slip and

anti corrosive properties are required

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Abbey Silicon Gun Oil:

Produces high sheen finish

Highly water repellant

Suitable for use on all barrels & stock

Non fingerprinting, non gumming, non diesling

Does not evaporate unlike mineral oils

Excellent lubricant for leather & plastic air gun washers

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Maintenance Kit

1 x Abbey Gun & Rifle Oil

1 x Universal Silicone Cloth

1 x SM50 Gunlube 30ml

1 x Barrel cleaning Kit




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Abbey Gun & Rifle OIL:

Lubricates, protects from rusting & corrosion

Penetrates to loosen rust

Excellent general purpose light mineral oil

Suitable for all guns & equipment requiring a light oil

Simply wipe over all steel parts, removes dirt & fingerprint marks

To prevent diesling, do not use in airgun compression chambers

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Abbey Universal Sportsman Silicon Cloth:

Repels moisture & dirt, non fingerprinting

Highly protective dry finish

High sheen finish for the well cared for look

Safe to use on all metal, wood, glass & laminate finishes

Prevents rusting & corrosion

Easy wipe over application

Suitable for sporting guns, scopes, rods, reels, golf clubs, boats and auto accessories to repel moisture & dirt

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Abbey Gunlube SM50:

Excellent lubricant for all airgun washers

Improves performance through smoother action

Maximises power reducing drag

Non gumming & non dieselling in air guns

Excellent rust inhibitor

Recommended lubricant for high velocity moving parts, air gun compression chambers, firing pins in all sporting guns, any area where sliding friction encountered.

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