1. First things first. Make sure that your XS19 rifle is unloaded.

2. Before fitting the sound moderator you will need to remove the front sights from your rifle barrel first. Take a cloth, a tea towel for instance, and wrap it around the sights. Get a good, firm grip and twist sharply. This will break the point of contact between sights and rifle barrel and the sights will now slide off.

3. Use the Allen key provided to loosen the locking nut on the moderator so that it does not foul the barrel of the rifle. Slide the moderator over the barrel until you meet resistance. Now tighten the locking nut down to secure the position of the moderator on the barrel.

4. Finally, look down the moderator to check that it is correctly mounted and aligned relative to the barrel.

5. Naturally, fitting the sound moderator will increase the overall weight of the gun. The manufacturers have suggested that this increase will, without stance correction, cause a pellet to drop by approximately 1 inch over 25 metres as compared to pre-mounting ballistics. It does not affect the accuracy of the gun.

6. Removal of the sights in order to fit the moderator does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer nor invalidate the terms of the warranty.


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