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Manufactured to the highest standards and including a silicone lubricant inside, our CO2 capsules (.42oz) (12g) help reduce the soiling of the valves and lubricates all the sliding mechanism components when the gun is fired resulting in low maintenance. Our capsules are up to 80% more efficient than others on the market. We hold large stocks of CO2 capsules with same day despatch






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10 x CO2 Capsules




Safety First - Safety and proper airgun handling are the responsibility of every shooter.


You must be aged 18 or over to order any air rifle or air pistol, you may be asked to confirm age and proof of identity.



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CO2 Capsule

High power

Code: AOCAPSUL                     0.75              




Knockdown target pellet catcher

The perfect, safe, pellet catcher for all CO2 pistols.

Heavy metal construction and with deflective angle to avoid ricochet.

Knock down the four animal figures and then hit the centre disc to reset.

Code: AOKNODOWN              29.95