What is the difference between .22 and .177 Calibre?


We often get asked "what is the difference between a .177 air rifle and a .22 air rifle?"


The answer is actually very simple - .177 & .22 is a reference to the internal diameter measurement of the barrel, .177 is the imperial size which is equivalent to 4.5mm, .22 is equivalent to 5.5mm. Many people think that the .22 (5.5mm) is more powerful than the .177 (4.5mm) actually it has nothing to do with power but there is a difference in velocity.


For example let's take our XS78 Co2 air rifle, this is a powerful air gun producing approximately 10.5ftlbs of energy regardless of the calibre, so the .22 (5.5mm) pellet may travel at say 500-600 feet per second and the .177 (4.5mm) pellet would travel faster, say 700-800 feet per second.


The .177 (4.5mm) pellet travels faster but has the same energy because it is a lighter pellet thus having less impact upon it's target, it is for this reason that most hunters opt for the larger calibre when hunting.

As always, safety first - All of our air rifles are high power and the pellet range is hundreds of meters therefore a solid backstop is necessary when shooting.

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