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Welcome to Airguns online, here you will find a huge selection of airgun rifles, air pistols and paintball markers. We pride ourselves on guiding our customers to the right choice at the right price, first time. Our website is run by an award winning SEO company who specialize in insuring your experience is the best it can be. All information on the guns we sell is comprehensive and clear, although if you require any further information, please contact them through there website linked below. Browse the site for information by simply following the relevant link to peruse different models. For example, air rifles are found by clicking on the air rifle link. Within the range you will also find a number of bb guns. This alternative shooting system uses a 4.5mm metal ball as ammunition (rather than a pellet) and has provided tremendous fun for all ages over a period of forty years or more. Another variation on the conventional airgun system is provided by Co2 gas. Stored under pressure in small cylinders, this gas provides the necessary charge for propulsion of the pellets or bb ball. A large number of these guns, specifically the air pistols, are scale models from the back catalogues of famous manufacturers, including Colt, Walther, Beretta and Smith and Wesson. Naturally, we offer a huge variety of accessories or ‘add ons’ for all of the above, including fixed, variable and illuminated telescopic sights, laser and red dot sights, sound suppressors, ammunition, gun slips, field camouflage clothing, gun maintenance kits and much more besides. If the sheer multiplicity of choice becomes a headache, and this may well apply to any newcomers to the ‘scene,’ or you are working to a tight budget, please check out our many ‘combo’ and special offers in which we combine the more popular guns and accessories at unbeatable prices. As you will see, you can order any of the items online or by telephone and all orders received prior to twelve noon are dispatched the same day (UK only). In addition, all our guns are thoroughly inspected prior to packing for delivery. No license is required for any of the guns on this website (except Northern Ireland) although the law states that you must be aged 18 or over to own any air rifle or air pistol. In this respect you may be asked to confirm your age and provide proof of identity.      

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Airguns Online UK, we sell air rifle, air guns, air pistols, pellets, Air soft, BB guns, Rifle scopes, Pistol scopes, Nightvision scopes, Ammo Ammunition, range finders, gas and much more all for great value


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              Marina Safety Ladder


Super XS19 Air Rifle




3-10x44 Pro Series Zoom Scope with Illuminated Reticule

With 30/30 Engraved reticle

Enhanced Green Coated Optics

(mounts not included)

Voted #1 Editors Pick of 'The 2012 Guide of "Deer and Deer Hunting" Magazine



WAS £75.95

NOW £69.99


Spring Gun

Pump Action

'Hop-up' - for faster BB shooting

Intergral Rail for mounting accessories





Konus Konuspro Impact Rifle Airgun Scope

NOW £115


DB4 Custom Air Rifle




1.5X-6X44 MM

Konus KonusPRO m30 Rifle Airgun scope

NOW £149.99


Sight-Pro 40 Red-Green Dot Scope

Diameter 40mm

5 Intensity Levels


Konus Sight-Pro 40 Red Green Dot Scope airguns online


WAS £65.95

NOW £55.99

Scope Offer!


Offer includes:

4 x 32 Scope

Pair Scope Mounts

FREE Pack of Targets


air rifle sight package airguns online UK


WAS £39.99

NOW £29.99

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Maintenance Kit Offer!


Offer includes:

1 x Abbey Gun & Rifle Oil

1 x Universal Silicone Cloth

1 x SM50 Gunlube 30ml

1 x Bisley Barrel cleaning Kit





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Target Offer!


Offer includes:

1 x Knockdown Target

1 x Target Holder Pellet Catcher

1 x Pack 100 Card Targets



air gun air rifle air pistol target airguns online UK




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Magazine capacity: 300 rounds

Power range: 50m

Power: 1.1J

Weight: 2.73kg



.22 Pellet Kit SUMMER Offer!

Offer includes:

1 x Pack 100 Card Targets

2 x SMK Dome Head Pellets

2 x Spitfire Pointed Pellets

2 x Milbro Caledonian Pellets

(all tins contain  500 pellets)


 air rifle air pistol .22 airgun pellets airguns online UK




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.177 Pellet Kit SUMMER Offer!

Offer includes:

1 x Pack 100 Card Targets

2 x SMK Dome Head Pellets

2 x Spitfire Pointed Pellets

2 x Milbro Caledonian Pellets

(all tins contain  500 pellets)




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Holster Offer!


Offer includes:

1 x Swiss Arms Nylon Shoulder Holster

1 x Pack of Card Targets





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Konuspot 50

15-40 x 50 Spotting Scope


Photo Adaptor


Soft Carry Case



Was £49.95

Now £39.95

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See in the Dark!

Watch Wildlife in your Garden at night!

more info...

RRP - £199.99

SAVE £40!!


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We do not send Airgun Pellets outside of mainland UK

Deliveries to some Islands, Highlands and International orders may incur additional carriage charge

Air Rifle

A potted history of the airgun

Whilst there are references to the concept of projectiles powered by compressed air as far back as the third century B.C; the reality is generally accepted as appearing in the mid fifteen hundreds. The earliest of these models created the required air pressure by the use of either spring loaded bellows or pre-compressed air in a chamber...more info



You must be aged 18 or over to order any air rifle or air pistol, you may be asked to confirm age and proof of identity.



Carefully selected deluxe air rifle combination kits at low prices!...more info



Airsoft BB Gun Store

Latest News - We now have a website dedicated to Airsoft Guns, the range was so big that we could not put it all onto this site. Airsoft bb gun store, UK based – discounted air soft rifles, pistols and accessories. Select from a huge range of air soft guns, bb ammo and replica guns....more info



Air Rifle Instructions

Please follow the following loading procedures for all our spring air rifles:

First engage the safety, now hold the rifle stock firmly by one hand, with the other grasp the barrel with the other hand and pull it towards the butt until you hear and feel the mechanism engage......more info




Airguns Online offer four good value paintball markers with all the characteristics required for successful skirmishing. All models feature a tough, light, alloy casing with polished inner barrels and produce consistent accuracy in the field. In addition we provide a range of essential accessories, from hopper feeders to protective safety masks.


What began as a U.S. military training application has gone on to become a popular competitive sport the world over...more info



Care and Maintenance

Never leave the gun cocked for extended periods of time, to do so will weaken the spring over time. After use outside especially if it has been raining the gun should be dried and wiped down with an oily cloth to remove finger prints, dust, dirt etc. The periodic use of a good furniture polish on the stock will both protect the wood and keep it clean and attractive looking......more info



Scope Mounting

Except for our bb guns all our air rifles have mounting grooves milled into the receiver to facilitate the mounting of a rifle scope. Some of our scopes come complete with mounts but the higher quality scopes require separate scope mounts designed to withstand the recoil dynamics of spring piston airguns......more info



What is the difference between .22 and .177?

We often get asked "what is the difference between a .177 air rifle and a .22 air rifle?"

The answer is actually very simple - .177 & .22 is reference to the internal diameter measurement of the barrel and has nothing to do with power but there is a difference in velocity.....more info



Are you interested in Astronomy?

Why not visit our new website and see a range of Meade, Celestron and Konus Telescopes

more info


How to fit a Sound Moderator to a XS19 Air Rifle

Sound Moderators can be fitted to air rifles and the XS19 requires a procedure for installation...

more info

Please Note the following if you intend to use your airgun for pest control

Any airgun which is used to hunt vermin must be capable for the job. That's obvious, but what isn't so plain is what a hunting gun needs in order to do that job in the first place, so let's take a quick look at requirements for hunting.

"Let's begin with a basic fact of hunting airgun life" air pistols are not hunting airguns, no conventional pistol delivers sufficient power to humanely despatch even close-range vermin, those that do have higher power are far more difficult to keep on target than a similarly powered air rifle. So, unless you're a real specialist in an ultra-close rat, feral or pigeon situation – "forget hunting with air pistols"

The basic requirement of a hunting air rifle is accuracy backed by power -not the other way round. A 10-foot-pound air rifle that delivers its punch right on target every time makes a far better hunting air rifle than an over-sprung, wildly recoiling and inconsistent 20 foot-pound F.A.C job that sprays airgun pellets all over the place, as most airgun pellets are not designed for high power and tend to distort once they leave the barrel.

These examples represent the extremes but the message is what's important. Please learn and remember it because all the power in the world is useless without consistent accuracy. Ideally, a legal limit hunting air rifle will be producing a smooth, consistent, 11-12 foot pounds, without over-stressing itself, or its user. The standard of accuracy is quite high, too, with the maximum effective range of you and your "air rifle" dictated by the distance at which you can group all of your shots inside a 20-40mm circle. This basic level of performance is

fundamental and of course safety first - please read our Safety First page.


Returning from a shooting trip the other day after packing the gear into the car it was starting to get late and I noticed the stars beginning to appear in the sky, it was then that I wished I had my Telescope with me to observe some of these objects in the night sky.

Telescopes including Konus, Celestron, Skywatcher and Meade

For pest control our XS20 Air Rifle is accurate and powerful using .22 air gun pellets

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